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The installation of solar panels on your home can increase the value of your property while lowering or eliminating your utility bills. However, you may need to relocate or replace your solar panels at some point.

If you're wondering whether solar panels can be removed, the answer is yes! And we're here to help you understand the removal process.

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Can I Remove My Own Solar Panels?

Yes, as previously stated, it is possible to remove solar panels. It is not recommended, however, that you do so yourself.
Here are a few of the reasons why people choose to remove their panels on occasion:

  • Relocation
  • Planned building works
  • Localized roof repair
  • Total re-roofing
  • Panel disposal

Shuttlesworth Solar Phoenix Inc. can help remove both solar thermal panels & solar photovoltaic panels at a reasonable cost. Give us a call at (480) 573-6915 to get started!

What Is Our Process for Removing Solar Panels?

Our extensive process is designed to protect your property and panels while ensuring that your system works exactly as intended, if not better, when you turn it back on.
Here are the steps we go through, step-by-step:

  1. On-site inspection. Determine whether your solar panels should be removed or if they simply require some maintenance or repair.
  2. Scheduling. If we determine that it is necessary to remove and replace your solar panels, we will schedule an on-site visit (this time to remove your solar panels).
  3. Storage. Once we have removed your solar panels, we will transport them to our local warehouse for storage.
  4. Reinstallation scheduling. We will schedule an installation date once your panels have been stored.
  5. Final Inspection. Once your panels are in place, we will perform a final inspection of the system and ensure it is working correctly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove Solar Panels?

Based on the average cost of projects we've completed in the last year, removing and reinstalling a roof-mounted solar system should cost around $200-$500 per panel.

What does that mean?
If your system has 15 panels, the total cost of removal and reinstallation will be $3,000-$7,500.

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Solar Panel Removal

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Are you ready to get in touch with a local solar company near you? Our friendly team at Shuttlesworth Solar Phoenix Inc. will gladly assist you with your residential or commercial solar panel removal project.

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