Phoenix solar attic fan installation

Heat and humidity are the two biggest problems with attics in a warm state like Arizona. As a result, solar attic fans are becoming a popular option to regulate attic temperatures without breaking the bank.

However, when shopping for solar attic fans, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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What Exactly Is a Solar-Powered Attic Fan and Its Benefits?

Solar attic fans generate electricity by drawing hot air from the attic and replacing it with cooler air from the outside using photovoltaic solar panels.

By installing a solar-powered attic fan, you can control the temperature of your attic and reap the following benefits:

  • Helping prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be very harmful to your home.
  • Preventing the deterioration of roof structures and materials.
  • A solar-powered attic fan can also save you money!
  • Reducing extreme heat buildup in your home to keep your attic cool in the summer and bringing the temperature of your attic closer to the outside temperature.
  • The reduction in attic temperature will also benefit the homeowner by preserving and extending the life of the roofing and attic construction materials.
  • And many more!

If you're interested to learn more about solar attic fan installation and how Shuttlesworth Solar Phoenix Inc. can help protect your home or business, please contact us today!

Shuttlesworth Solar Phoenix Inc. is a leading provider of solar-powered attic fans in Phoenix, Arizona and its surrounding areas. We're happy to provide free estimates and recommendations on solar fan installation.

How Do Solar Attic Vent Fans Work?

Solar attic vent fans are powered by the sun and pull superheated air from your attic, then replaced by cooler outside air, reducing the amount of work required by your HVAC system to cool your upstairs area.

In addition, solar attic fans can extend the life of your air conditioning unit and are an excellent alternative to replacing it.

solar attic fan installation

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Since we opened our doors in 2002, we have been installing solar attic fans and other wide range of solar services that include solar panel installation, solar panel repair, solar panel maintenance, and more.

We are a locally-owned and operated solar company with the knowledge and experience to know the differences between our solar services.

We are currently headquartered at 132 N Central Ave, Suite #69, Phoenix, AZ 85003. However, please note that we don't yet accept in-person visits, so we encourage you to give us a call instead at your most convenient time.

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